HP SiteScope 11.1x End of Support Reminder

Hewlett-Packard would like to remind you of the upcoming End of Support date regarding the above product(s) in your profile.

Hewlett-Packard would like to remind you of the upcoming End of   Support date regarding the above product(s) in your profile.
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Program Activity


September 30, 2015


End of Committed Support for HP     SiteScope 11.1x


September 30, 2017


End of Extended Support for HP     SiteScope 11.1x


  This product/version follows the time-based obsolescence process and HP had   published the timeline for end of Committed Support and end of Extended   Support on SSO, based on the General Availability date for the product. This   is based on the revised Software Release and Support Policy that HP published   in August 2012: https://softwaresupport.hp.com/documents/10180/14684/obsolescence_policy_v4_4
  As per this policy, HP will offer a minimum of two (2) additional years of   support for products that have reached end of their Committed Support life   and for which a successor product or product version is commercially   available under Support. An additional charge will be levied for this service   ("Extended Support") and it is limited as outlined in the above   mentioned policy.
  Please keep in mind: In accordance with the contractual terms, your Software   should be on a supported available release. Please contact your HP Sales   Representative to make sure that your Software is on a supported version   throughout the period of your support contract. Please contact your HP Sales   Representative if you need Extended Support for the product version you are   using.
  HP recommends that all customers update to the latest version of HP   SiteScope. HP SiteScope 11.2x provides the following new capabilities:

  • Updated platform, monitor, and solution template        support
  • Custom Monitors
  • Multi-view Dashboard
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Big Data Monitors
  • Lightweight Event Console
  • Unified Console with side-by-side Multi-view        Dashboard and Event Console

You're receiving this   communication either because you're listed as your company's contact for a   support contract that includes the product this communication is about or   because you're subscribed to receive alerts. Should you no longer be your   company's contact for support contracts, please contact your HP   Representative or HP Business Partner to request the support contract(s) to   be updated.
  Detailed information regarding this discontinuance can be found at:
  HP appreciates your business and looks forward in assisting you with your   future software requirements.