Higher forecast accuracy

Timely, actionable analyses help you to complete your tasks proactively. See in advance where and what needs to be done before things escalate. ITSM, ITOM and ESM are your perfect tools for success.

Utilize the value from all your data, regardless of its size.

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You can develop highly accurate and continuously updated forecast models from unlimited amounts of your data and derive statements for real-time information.

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Obtain action-relevant analyses through ITSM, ITOM and ESM.


To make decisions at the speed of business, discover trends, relationships and patterns through direct forecasting insights.

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Obtain action-relevant analyses through ITSM, ITOM and ESM.


Reduce risks and unlock business opportunities through automated monitoring, detection, analysis and troubleshooting.

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Analyses of customer behavior

Get actionable 360-degree views of your customer interactions through data-driven organizations. Quickly manage and analyze enormous volumes of customer data from multiple sources to help you identify customer behavior.

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Obtain action-relevant analyses through ITSM, ITOM and ESM.

Cognitive search and knowledge acquisition

Understand the user's intentions as well as the patterns and relationships between the data. Supported by the cognitive search of artificial intelligence, you will find highly relevant, context-related information from your users.

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IoT analyses

Reduce service costs and improve customer satisfaction by analyzing all your data at lightning speed. Derive actionable insights from enormous volumes of data, whether it's predictive maintenance, smart manufacturing and more.

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Obtain action-relevant analyses through ITSM, ITOM and ESM.

Operations Analytics

To reduce IT costs and respond faster, artificial intelligence for IT operations gives you end-to-end insights in real time.

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Safety analyses

Validate security incidents and accelerate the detection of known and unknown threats with security analytics.

Case Study

What our customers say

Meeting on the introduction of the digital control center
Obtain action-relevant analyses through ITSM, ITOM and ESM.

Case study premium car manufacturer

How a leading German premium car manufacturer introduced the digital control center

After three months of the project phase, data was collected in real time, and through performance benchmarking up to month six, the processes were optimized in such a way that savings in the six-figure to million range were immediately noticeable.

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