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Minimize system failures and ensure the associated customer satisfaction

Finally move away from task forces and permanent pressure situations towards harmonization in your team through permanent IT optimization and the introduction of a digital control center.

Minimize losses

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Reduce complexity, increase responsiveness

Give business and IT users the ability to work without waiting with automation, virtual agents and an intuitive self-service approach. With solutions from Tröger IT, users get what they want quickly without overburdening your IT staff.

Performance quality management

Performance Quality Management

We carry out performance measurements, performance analyses and performance optimizations of your IT systems on a conceptual and operational level.

Business service management
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Business Service Management

We support you in setting up and expanding efficient business service management, including performance monitoring, service level monitoring, reporting and alerting.

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Development and review of IT concepts

We evaluate your business processes and assess their implementation with regard to performance-relevant issues for mapping in your IT environment.

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Conception and sizing of high-performance application architectures

We plan an IT infrastructure that is optimally tailored to your business and help to avoid performance bottlenecks in advance.

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Performance assessments and performance optimizations

We create comprehensive performance profiles based on state-of-the-art performance tests - on site or in the cloud - and identify existing performance bottlenecks. We then implement an optimization strategy.

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Training and software

We provide you with the necessary practical, theoretical and technical knowledge to independently plan and implement your performance and quality assurance measures. Our software products help you to understand, predict and analyze - in real time.

Case Study

What our customers say

Meeting on the introduction of the digital control center
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Case study premium car manufacturer

How a leading German premium car manufacturer introduced the digital control center

After three months of the project phase, data was collected in real time, and through performance benchmarking up to month six, the processes were optimized in such a way that savings in the six-figure to million range were immediately noticeable.

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